As a national registered charity, not-for-profit arts organization, Strings Across the Sky is committed to growing the number of indigenous youth at risk by learning and playing instruments, with a focus on fiddle music which is historically traditional to most communities across Canada.

Our work exists for the large part because of charitable contributions of funds and instruments (violins & guitars) generously donated by hundreds of individual supporters. These donations not only provide the means to transport our instructors to remote areas, but it helps fund a variety of special projects.

Donation dollars directly support SATS’ Indigenous Community Teaching Programs, helping youth in distant communities gain beginner and or immediate fiddling skills.
SATS’¬† Violin Donation Program provides instruments for youth unable to purchase their own fiddle.

SATS provides Charitable Tax Receipts.
You can support this great work by contacting donate to Strings Across the Sky today.

When you give the gift of music, a donation of:

$600 Sponsorship-includes cost for a child to participate in a one week SATS Fiddle & Music Camp. SATS programs are always offered at no cost to children and families. Sponsorship includes instruments, professional instruction, meals and transportation )
$500 Buys a quality violin kit with case and bow
$200 Contributes toward healthy snacks and meals
for students during fiddle camps
$150 Provides transportation for students and
violins to and from a performance venues
$75 Buys a violin bow
$35 Buys a set of violin strings
$25 Buys a tuner
Any amount is greatly appreciated and will always be used for purposes which  benefit children who cannot afford the gift of music.

If you have a violin or guitar not currently used, please consider donating it to our student programs and contact us by email to:

Or by phone: 705 346 0879



Give the Gift of Music

Please make a donation to Strings Across The Sky today. When you choose to become a donor, you enrich the lives of youth in remote communities by offering them a chance to learn and grow through fiddle music — the key to participating in a wide range of social and educational events and activities.