Since 1988, Strings Across the Sky (SATS) has been working with youth in the High Arctic, First Nations and Metis communities throughout Canada, teaching them to play violin and how to fiddle. SATS has run programs in 17 High Arctic communities and transported over 450 donated violins to the North.
SATS is a not-for-profit registered charity and operates solely on the generosity of donors and funding organizations. We also rely on donated instruments which are provided to the students during the teaching sessions. There are no costs to the students to take lessons and learn their music.

Our fiddling and music education programs include one week intensive school workshops and community concerts, fiddle and music camps and 9 month weekly teaching in indigenous communities.

SATS helps provide many “once in a lifetime” musical experiences to young students. They have performed with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Thunder Bay, Regina, North Bay and Saskatoon Symphonies. In 1997, 40 students traveled from the Arctic and performed at Roy Thompson Hall with the Toronto Symphony; in 1999, 34 students traveled to the Orkney Islands to perform for the Homecoming Festival, experiencing the roots of their 300 year fiddling heritage.

TODAY, Strings Across the Sky’s team continue to teach throughout Canada. In 2011, the SATS program became part of the Royal Conservatory’s Learning Through the Arts and Music Champions arts curriculum. Since 2013, SATS and the North Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre now provide weekly lessons for children and youth. SATS also runs annual fiddle and music camps including at the Parry Sound Friendship Centre and Algoma University. Since 2004, the Parry Sound SATS students have performed a concert each summer, as part of the prestigious Festival of the Sound Concert series.