Regina Symphony Orchestra Rolls Out The Red Carpet for NT Students

March 26th, 2004

Regina. Seven Strings Across The Sky (SATS) students from the North West Territories have joined 15 SATS students in Regina to participate in SATS Cross Canada Fiddle Project. The students will be featured with The Regina Symphony Orchestra (RSO) this evening at 7:30 pm in the Foyer of the First Nations University of Canada located on the Campus of the University of Regina.

Students from the North West Territories travelled, at their own expense, to Regina to first rehearse and then perform with the orchestra. The RSO has rolled out the red carpet. NT students have toured the Regina Legislature, received free tickets to an Imax presentation and this afternoon, are being transported via limousine to meet Regina’s Mayor prior to their debut performance.

The 15 students from the Kitchener Community School in Regina began an intensive SATS 4-day fiddle program Monday, March 22nd, under the direction of Music Director Andrea Hansen, C.M. and SATS’ faculty member Shari Lundy. Last night the students rehearsed with the RSO.

The Cross Canada Fiddle Program is a SATS goal-setting initiative that features SATS students from across the country performing with some of Canada’s great orchestras. In the fall of 2003, 36 SATS students from six centres in Northern Ontario performed with the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra. In May of 2004, SATS students will perform with the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra. In July 2004, SATS students will perform at the Festival of the Sound, Ontario.

SATS Cross Canada Fiddle Project is made possible by individual and corporate donations as well as the generous support of The Canada Council, The Ontario Arts Council and The Ontario Trillium Foundation. SATS has been re-introducing the fiddle to youth in the High Arctic since 1988. SATS works mainly in remote regions of Canada. In 2003, SATS began their special brand of fiddle training south of the 60th. In 2004, SATS is partnering with the National Research Council to pilot a fiddle training program using technology to reach students in remote regions of Ontario.

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