The Strings Across the Sky (SATS) program opens the door to a rich musical experience by introducing children and youth to violin, guitar and musical performance. It combines the best of music, tradition and community spirit. With a focus on First Nation, Inuit and Metis communities throughout Canada, SATS has helped rekindle and sustain the cultural tradition of fiddle music, which once thrived in indigenous communities across Canada. Over the years, hundreds of children have benefited from the music education provided by SATS,  promoting self-esteem and accomplishment, learning and teamwork. Our teaching program features 5 to 10 day intensive workshops followed by local community concerts. Strings Across the Sky not only connects children to their past, but opens doors for many to brighter and more positive futures. This program has also been embraced by  urban schools, where there it has helped many “youth at risk”.  Learn more About Us.

You Can Help

Your donations help enrich the lives of youth in remote, rural and urban communities with a chance to grow through music.

Teaching & Performance Schedule

Summer and Fall 2016 SATS will be teaching the fiddle and putting on performances in Parry Sound and area.

Gratefully supported by:

  • Canadian North
  • Ontario Arts Council
  • Ontario Arts Foundation
  • Rotary International

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